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Help us Honor Gilad’s Memory

As Gilad’s yahrtzeit approaches this week (another blog post will be forthcoming), we would like to share with you ways that we continue to honor Gilad’s memory. Giving tzedakah (charity) in memory of someone who has passed is a traditional way to commemorate that person. In addition, at the start of the Jewish New Year, charity is a form of prayer and supplication for a good year. We thank you in advance for any donations you make in our dear, sweet son’s memory.

ARIEL RUNNING BOSTON MARATHON in memory of Gilad – October 2013
On October 13th, Ariel will be running the 2013 Boston Half Marathon in memory and in honor of Gilad. The race raises money for cancer research and care at the Jimmy Fund and for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

In running, Ariel has pledged to raise $500 for these causes. If there’s any little bit you can donate to help Ariel achieve his goal, that would be amazing. Please see (personal page) OR  (team page).

Ariel thanks you for your generosity and for helping him support these two great causes.

As bereaved parents, we have gotten to know other families who have lost children. Chai Lifeline holds an annual retreat for parents to meet, share, and find kinship among others who understand the loss of a child. Pinny and Karen Gildin lost their 9-month old daughter, Alyssa (Elisheva Leora), two years ago. Soon after their loss, Pinny took up running, and last year ran his first marathon for Chai Lifeline, single-handedly raising over $20,000. Pinny was the top individual fundraiser with the most single contributions from any single runner of past years.

This year, Pinny has offered to have Gilad in mind as he runs for his daughter, and this has evolved into a joint effort. I may not be putting on my sneakers or running and sweating for miles, but our family will be there in spirit, and we’d like to help Pinny reach his (starting) goal of $10,000 this year.

We appreciate any contributions you can make towards this worthwhile cause.

Each year Rosh Hashana falls after Gilad’s yahrtzeit and before Gilad’s birthday. For the past few years, our family has been donating to Gevuras Yarden/The Jewish Caring Network, the Baltimore organization that provides support services to families facing life-threatening, lifelong, or serious illnesses. 

Given Gilad’s sweet disposition, we chose to sponsor the honey sticks that are included in the Rosh Hashana packages delivered to families in need. The note on the card reads:  “As we approach Rosh Hashana with hope for good, joyful days and pray for a good, sweet new year, we remember Gilad Hillel Schwartz who embraced his life with sweetness in his smile and soul.” 

For more information about Gevuras Yarden/The Jewish Caring Network, please visit