Still and Always

He is still ours
Still remembered
Loved always
And he matters still.

I allow myself to grieve him still
To ache and still miss him.

He still died
Simply and still gone
He is forever missed
He is still a beloved friend, son, uncle, brother, grandson, cousin.

He can no longer be
plan a future
pursue dreams
sing & jam
discuss philosophy
sit with us
compose music
see the world
hope for long life
have a wife
build a legacy
be present
be himself.

And for that we still
Grieve still.

We remember…what we still can
Talk and tell his stories and ours
His amusing antics
We comfort each other
Honor and keep his memory alive
And we still allow ourselves that.

We are forever changed…still and always
He took shards of our souls with him
And he left bits and pieces that we carry still
But we’re here and he’s still gone every day.

So we love and honor and speak of him still
Still and always.




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