Monthly Archives: May 2017

A Year in My Life

Time fleeting in mind, fingers through sand
January turns to March now spring again
Intent to pen in hand, more days are gone
A year has had its way with us

Children grown, it’s all a blur
Babies to toddlers, grade middle high
College courses, grads now employed 
Tuition no more, it’s grandchild toys

My kids in their 20s 30s, best I’ve ever done
And my loves who are 7 and 5 and now almost 2
Named after our boy who was once just as cute
So it’s games balls and stories, lego and crafts
Belly laughs and giggles, pretend soup and cake
Brings me to life the second time around
Frazzled before, now soaking it in

Generations cycle, the old and young
Mothers who need us, stable aging or not
Sweetly ask how we are & how’re the kids
Smile upbeat to questions that loop
And how are you and what is new?

Care with the love they instilled us within
And patience and calm and love, did I say?
Allow independence and freedom to be
With their thoughts and their ways
And the things they hold dear

Pray we nurture them down the road
Half as well as they did us
They encouraged and nourished 
And loved us so well

Takes a toll in and out, up and down
To my grounded but thinly worn self
Birthdays farewells and we cycle on
Fresh loss turns the corner, a new one appears

Last year was OR/ER for tonsils and heart
Emotions unleashed once more and again
This time an uncle forever he sleeps
And a miracle truck, the hand of our Gd
Celebrations of life, anniversaries of death

Rivalries aflame, ignited anew
Struggles at work, things rip at my heart
Revisit myself as a young timid teen
Slog back to present, but wiser again

Time flip flops back and forth
And marches on to whatever beat
Those who passed still are gone
The years unclear it’s all the same
We move forward and on and through
And hold on tight and sometimes slip
We promise to do well and act and be
And sometimes don’t but often do

We forgive but don’t always forget
We hurt and scar, love and spar
Hope and hope for the good to be best
Perhaps it maybe can outweigh the rest

To love with our hands and inside our hearts
Open our souls more than our lips
To kiss and hug more than we shout
And be real and honest and good as we should

Treat each other with true deep kindness 
As the years pass with tears joy and love
Remember the ones who stood here before us
And honor the ones who will take our reins 

And another year has had its way with us
While a new one is already on the way